Peter Mostert Contributes to “Right There” Documentary Short

Peter Mostert Contributes to
Right There, an independent documentary short film edited by our own Peter Mostert, will screen at the 35th Mill Valley Film Festival on October 11th and 14th. Directed by Florence Buchanan, Right There is a profound film about tolerance — from the intimate perspective of the children at PS 234, a school just three blocks ...

Peter Mostert Edits Benita Raphan’s Film “From Dark to Light”

Peter Mostert Edits Benita Raphan's Film
Hooligan Editor Peter Mostert recently collaborated with Director Benita Raphan to create “From Dark to Light,” an experimental short film commissioned to honor Marshall Arisman, painter, illustrator and Chairman of the M.F.A. degree program, School of Visual Arts. The film debuted in New York City, at the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame Gala on ...

BACK FROM THE DEAD! The Return of the Music Video

BACK FROM THE DEAD! The Return of the Music Video
by Barney Miller HOOLIGAN Senior Editor/Partner I love commercials. I love advertising. Some of the best spots are actually considered works of art — some even end up in museums — the creative is that good. As an editor and filmmaker, I’m proud to be part of that culture and lucky to work in a ...

The Hooligan ‘Editing Badger’ Unleashed!

The Hooligan 'Editing Badger' Unleashed!
“Ew . . . is that raw footage???” NYC-based creative editorial company Hooligan recently spoofed the ‘Honey Badger’ viral sensation made famous by funny animal-man/narrator, Randall. All predatory graphic imagery aside, Hooligan’s narration offers a pretty accurate portrayal of a day in the life of the hardworking editorial talent at Hooligan.

Knuckle Duster

Knuckle Duster
Okay, our company may be CALLED Hooligan, but here’s a REAL hooligan. Watch Dave Courtney, “knuckle duster” expert in this short piece edited by our own Pete Slife. Dave Courtney, \”knuckle duster\”