Welcome to H+. So here we are, day 1, post 1 in the blogosphere — thanks for stopping by. Now a little about the blog.

So what’s the “H” stand for? Well, that’s us, “Hooligan,” the curatorial force and collective voice behind H+, a blog dedicated to the exploration of creative communication and art — from a film editor’s POV. The “H” could stand for so much more though . . . perhaps “hub,” because we want this blog to evolve into more than us and become an interactive platform for all creative folks to share ideas and inspiration.

And the “+ . . .” well, that stands for an extra shot of Hooligan, who we are and what we stand for. H+ will definitely feature a healthy dose of editing and filmmaking perspective, but it aims to go way beyond. You see, we’re blessed to collaborate with some of the best clients in the game (+) making high-end commercials, music videos and films (+). We love editing and we do it well because at our core, Hooligan is a collective of creative minds (+) with diverse creative interests outside the cutting room; so many many art forms inspire and inform our craft, from design and music, to street art and film.

So without further adieu, we give you H+.

Our first entry, “Designing Up a Storm,” reflects on smart design and its pivotal role keeping New Yorkers prepared, informed and safe during Hurricane Irene.

Stay tuned for more!

Barney Miller | Hooligan