“Hallo, Berlin” by Erin Bowser

In mid-June, my friend Amy and I had the pleasure of traveling to Germany to visit our dear friend Jacki (high school crony and temporary ex-pat). Below is my list of essential Berlin activities:

Erin’s Top 5: Berlin

Bearpit Karaoke in Mauerpark
On Sundays, hungover Germans make their way over to Mauerpark – beers in hand – to watch strangers sing Cyndi Lauper in the Bearpit amphitheater. We smartly followed suit.


Cookies Cream
We went to this hidden vegetarian restaurant/club for our last dinner in Berlin. After eating, we popped over to the attached club, Cookies (which looks more like a funhouse than a club), and watched some Germans “make big party.”


Drinks atop the TV Tower
I loved the view from the highest point in Berlin (although my knees did start to wobble at the thought of being in an old, giant sphere on a spire built by the Soviets).


Ishtar Gate
I saw this reconstruction of the famous Babylonian gate inside the Pergamon Museum. The entire museum is mind-blowing, but the 4-story Ishtar Gate was my favorite.


Listening to Neu!
. . . while running through Prenzlauer Berg. German band + German city = very necessary.