Shane’s World: Non-Casual Fridays

The American workplace continues to loosen its belt on formal business attire. With laxe dress codes trending, Casual Fridays are becoming a bygone office pastime. But don’t tell Shane DeBlasio that Friday-wear traditions are immaterial. He says if you can’t dress down any more (save your sick-day ensemble of sweats, footies, and that old college hoodie), the only way to dress is . . . up! He’s been doing it for years at Hooligan. From the “basse-couture” of his multi-colored tuxedo T-shirt collection, to fancy Brooks Brothers ties and full-on vintage tux-wear, Shane will ever sport something special on Fridays.

And you might even have a double-take: he and his good friend Beth from TANQ (co-tenants at our Flatiron building) share the weekly fashion code.

“We’ll both wear ties and bow-ties and oftentimes we coordinate colors and patterns such as paisley to match.”

Shane says his typical Friday dress-up schedule is Hawaiian shirts between Memorial and Labor Day, and once that’s over, it’s on to ties and tuxes.