Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Shoot Analog

We previously profiled Rommel’s 8×10 instant photography for The Impossible Project. This week we go back to the future and get smart with Hooligan Editor Thomas Ostuni.

Instagram is getting popular — matter o’ fact,  it’s growing faster than Twitter —  how about 7.3 million active daily users this month according to recent reports. Say what? My how the digital age is accelerating at exponential speed.

And just like with bands, there’s always the cool kid who knew before anyone else. With Instagram, that’s Thomas. He’s already saying, “I remember way back when . . .” recalling how not too long ago Instagram was the little app that could — when few knew. Thomas stumbled upon Instagram after taking up the hobby of shooting on his iPhone and exploring camera apps.

“I got into Instagram in the beginning stages when there wasn’t a lot of buzz around it,” says Thomas. “It seems in the last 6 months it’s taking off as one of the ‘big three’ in social networking. Who knew it would be the next social media craze?”

But to Thomas’ credit, he asserts no sort of elite hipster status on the matter. And while the über hip photo-sharing platform goes mainstream, you’ll still find him snapping away on his iPhone at our studio or on the 6 train heading home.


“I’ve just always had an interest in photography”, he says. “I studied it in school, which ultimately led to my involvement in film and cinematography. Before getting into editing I actually wanted to be a cameraman.”

Hipsters, geeks, social media and tech gurus — or some combination there of — are no doubt in search of the next mobile trend or tool. We can’t wait to see it. Until then we’re all snappy-go-lucky on Instagram here at Hooligan. You can follow Hooligan on Instagram here.


Stats on ‘Stoons:

Username/URL: #stoons

Followers: 82

Photo Count: 56

Biggest Fan-base? “I was limited to only people I knew for a while, and then someone saw my Instagram profile and now I have a huge following in Russia.”

Instagram, Facebook or Twitter? “My Instagram experience hasn’t taken me off to a stratosphere of professional connections like Facebook. I think it’s a place for me to satisfy my need to take photographs, instantly share what I do within the medium, and inspire others and hear people say, ‘hey, that’s cool!’”

Pros? “I like the instant access of Instagram — that’s the cool thing, really. I can be on the train, snap a photo and by the time I get home I can share it with people. But I go in waves, a month of non-stop picture taking, then another month where only a handful of images may inspire me enough to share.”

Cons? “At what point is it too much? I don’t mind if a photo has been altered, but sometimes people over produce their photos.”

Analog What? “My wife and I are moving and I recently discovered my old Minolta 35mm camera. I’m feeling there’s a part of me that wants to see the traditional style again — even with digital footage. I don’t like to take it too to far with filters, but rather keep as many raw elements in the art as possible.”

Favorite User/Photo? MATTROSENBLUM / Impossible to pick just one favorite

Obligatory Eric Photo?

Eric, the margarita czar — where the margaritas are!